The Linux Problem Base is an online database of Linux-related problems and their solutions. Here you will find:

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Each article is associated with a number of keywords. You can search for articles having specific keywords by entering that keyword in the first input-field at the upper left and pressing Enter.

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Fulltext search is done via Google. All pages on are searched, so you will find hits in the keywords, title and body of the articles.


The third button brings you to an Index of all keywords. Clicking on one of that keywords is equivalent to searching for the keyword via the keyword-search function.


The History function is very useful: It displays the 50 most recently added or updated articles. If you visit that page regularily your will always be up-to-date.


The button Authors shows an index of all article-authors. Clicking on an author shows information about him or her and also an index of all articles from that author.

That's it! I hope The Linux Problem Base is of use to you. How about writing articles yourself?

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