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We consult and accompany you in all demanding questions und projects round about Linux.
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Visit our Linux trainings or book one of our renown trainers for a private training.


Learn to know more about Linux, benefit from our cheap Linux shipment service.


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Mathias Kettner

Fehlerdiagnsose und Problembehebung unter Linux

2nd edition released!

Knoppix 3.6 released. Now available at our CD shop.


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The book about error diagnostics

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In order to use the opportunities of Linux for you business you depend on the experience and the profession competence of experts. Maybe you are lucky and are among those few enterprises that have own specialists.

To find and bind excellent and renown Linux experts to you company is difficult, however. Such people are always looking for new and changing challenges.

It is our vision to attract the best Linux experts for your projects. We lead you to success. This begins with strategic consulting, continues with introduction and migration projects and is perfected by the qualification of your own staff.



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